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Darwin’s Paradox
Darwin's Paradox By Nina Munteanu

John Titor - Time Traveler
The Time Travel Tale of John Titor

SlipString Drive (TM) - String Theory, Gravity, and "Faster Than Light" Travel; Predicting Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Proposes and illustrates a method of 'faster than light' travel without violating physics, and could fix String/M-theory with a 'Membrane Theory of Gravity' you can understand. Brane gravity predicts Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the changing rate of acceleration of the universe studies have found, and can prove M-theory correct observationally.

The Time Travel Fund[tm]
We believe Time Travel will one day be possible, so we have started an investment fund that may one day pay for you to travel to the future. Help us help you reach the future today!


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