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Indoor Water Fountains, Wall Clocks, Palm Tree Lamps of Home Decor - Home
Home decor site to buy Bathroom Accents, Wall Clocks, Fountains & Waterfalls, Furniture, Garden Decor, Glass Canister Sets, Holiday Decor, Kids Bedroom Decor, Kitchen Accents, Lighting, etc.

Passably News
Passably News, Slightly more newsworthy than the National Enquirer...

A society to promote, popularise and contribute to the study of European, Islamic, and Asian technology and science of the Middle Ages. Regular meetings in London and Oxford to which all are welcome

Tidal Clocks.Com Homepage
TidalClocks Homepage

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Weird Clocks & Watches from all around the globe. Fantastic ones, big ones & more
This Blog is all about clocks and watches. Big ones, small ones, beautiful or ugly ones, extrange, ancient, new, futuristic and amazing ones.

Wind Up Radios, Torches, Solar and Water Powered Products, UK - Tango Group
A UK based company dedicated to developing and distributing alternative energy products such as wind up radios, torches as well as solar and water powered products.

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