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Agnosticism / Atheism - Free Inquiry, Skepticism, Atheism, Religious Philosophy
Agnosticism & Atheism: articles and news on atheism, atheists, agnosticism, agnostics, freethought, religion, philosophy, skepticism, critical thinking, separation of church and state, evolution vs. creationism, atheist philosophy, and much more - all for the reality-based community

Aldous Huxley - Brave New World and other works - Extensive information including online texts, discussion forum, links and articles.
Comprehensive information on Aldous Huxley and Brave New World. Including: biography, quotes, bibliography, discussion forum, etc...

Continental Philosophy

DARSANA - Electronic Journal of Indian Philosophy | Articles, Forums, Book Reviews
Electronic Journal of Indian Philosophy and Comparative Methodology.

Big Bang Philosophy

It's All About The Circle - The Circular Theory - Circle is Absolute Intelligence
Conservation of Circle as Basis for Reality, Basis for Intelligence, Theory of Everything, Integration of Science and Philosophy (Religion) 'God' - Universal Mandala Relative Reality Partial Truth Opposite Approach Circle-Line Circumference-Diameter, Conservation-Symmetry, Circumference-Diameter-Pi, PI Ilexa Yardley Intuitive Intelligence Financial Intelligence Relationship Intelligence Einstein Jung Emmy Noether Galileo Columbus Plato Aristotle Hegel Form Substance Time Space Energy Mass e=mc2 is a Circle Jung Symbols Opposites Philosophical Theory of Everything Using Philosophy to Think Productively Relative Realities Partial Truth Opposite Approach Einstein Jung Thales Pythagoras Plato Aristotle Hegel World Peace Power of Attention Power of Intuition Power of Thought Philosophy Practical Philosophy Circle Circle Circle CIrcle Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle Always the Circle

Nick Bostrom's home page
Nick Bostrom is a philosopher and a leading transhumanist thinker and spokesperson. He is director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. His research aims to illuminate big picture questions for humanity using rigorous analysis and science.

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