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This GuideSite focuses on the science of physics, addressing the major theories of physics, laws of physics, physical equations, the scientific method, history of physics, and physics experiments, as well as advice in completing physics homework.

Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory and the Bible
Quantum mechanics and chaos theory explain certain Biblical events. Read our Bible commentary and articles on Bible names.

Quantum Relativity: Space, Time, and Gravity in a Quantum Universe
quantum relativity is the theory of how space, time, and gravity work in a quantum universe.

The BottomLayer - Quantum mechanics as information processing within a computer-generated universe.
Quantum mechanics as information processing, and the computer as metaphor and mechanism of reality. Physics by way of the Matrix.

This Quantum World
What is contemporary physics trying to tell us about the nature of Nature? The home page of Ulrich Mohrhoff and the Pondicherry interpretation of quantum mechanics

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